The Leaders of United Presbyterian Church
Each congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has two types of leaders:  Elders & Deacons.  The leaders of our church are elected by the congregation in recognition of their gifts and leadership.  Elders are also trustees of the church and represent the congregation at four yearly regional meetings of the Presbytery of Southern New England.
The Elders take care of the business of the church and serve as trustees as well as chairpersons of committees involving various aspects of the church such as Christian Education, Fellowship, Buildings & Grounds, Mission, Worship & Music, Stewardship, Nominating, Welcoming, and Personnel.  Each Elder is elected to a three-year term and can serve no more than two terms consecutively.
Current Elders of UPC include:  Janice Fletcher-Yarson, Bob Heerema, Sara Ice, Suzanne Wolmering, Stephanie Brackett, Maggii Brozdowski, Kit Hensler, Gloria Hayes and Jim Wilkinson.  Pastor Rev. Anne Marie Meyerhoffer serves as Moderator of the monthly meetings (second Tuesday of the month).  Stephanie Brackett is the clerk of session.
The Deacons are called to a ministry of compassion.  They visit the homebound and hospitalized members, assist with coffee hours after worship, set-up monthly communion, assist members in need, provide meals to those at home recuperating.  Like an Elder, each Deacon is elected to a three-year term and can serve no more than two terms consecutively.
Current Deacons of UPC include:  Ashley Becker, Paula Hayes, Mary Heerema, Luanne Kemp, Linda Kushpinsky, Lea Laufer, Jessica Mitola and Cindy Sloan who serves as Moderator of the Deacons' monthly meetings (last Sunday of the month).
Our Mission Statement:
The members of the United Presbyterian Church of Milford
have been called by God into a strongly rooted family of faith,
bearing witness to Jesus Christ, our Savior.
We are united in worship and fellowship to share the Good News
with each other as a community of believers.
In response to that Good News,
we minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the church family,
people in the local community and beyond. 
Going into the world we seek to be living examples of God’s love,
modeling our faith in words and deed,
encouraging and inviting others into the faith journey.
We are committed to using our talents and resources
to support and encourage both our members and others
in a deeper understanding of faith in Jesus Christ.

Written & Adopted by the Session – 2005