History of the
United Presbyterian Church
of Milford, CT
Founded 1920 (and 1945!)
The United Presbyterian Church, as we are known today, was established almost 90 years ago as a community church by a small group of people who wanted to worship together in the Fort Trumbull section of Milford, Connecticut.  The founders of our church met in a small school house with many ordained ministers and Yale Divinity School student ministers leading worship.  When they purchased the old schoolhouse as the first church facility in 1923, it was out of a desire to create a permanent home.  Under the leadership of a young, newly ordained Presbyterian minster, the Rev. Dr. Robert Lamar, this congregation become a Presbyterian church because of it's representative government in which leaders of the church (Elders) are elected by the congregation.  Fort Trumbull Presbyterian Church was officially born 1945, becoming the United Presbyterian Church in 1961.  New residents were invited to become a part of the church so that they would find neighbors and friends.  That feeling of familial closeness is still evident today as visitors are embraced by the warmth and care exhibited for all members and visitors.
We also have visible signs of our connectedness to the community and to one another.  The sanctuary was built in 1948 by the late Charlie Wilkinson, local contractor as well as a charter member of the church (his son and family are faithful members today).  His sister, Gertrude, was also the first person to be married in this sanctuary.  The brass railing in the balcony was formerly the pole firemen slid down on their way to a fire.  Fire Department Station #6 in Point Beach donated the pole in 1977 when it was no longer used.  The end pieces, which hold it to the wall, were made from old fire hose couplings.
Throughout our history, we have been served by newly ordained pastors so we sometimes think of ourselves as a training ground where pastors can freely grow and learn how to minister.  We are thankful that UPC is gifted with members who are willing to take leadership and servant roles to insure that the ministry of the church is fulfilled.
The Rev. Anne Marie Meyerhoffer arrived in 2007 with 20 years of pastoral experience.  We are excited about the future God has in store for us!  We know that Christ is still calling us to minister to our community and the world but we are not quite sure what that looks like.  We are praying, we are discerning, we are listening, we are talking, we are sharing, we are waiting for you to join us in ministry and on this exciting spiritual journey! 
  • Demolition of the Annex (or little blue house) allows for expansion of our parking lot for the many participants of the self-help groups who use our church building.
  • In February 2009, the Session petitioned the Presbytery of Southern New England to change the status of the Rev. Anne Marie Meyerhoffer who has been serving as Designated Pastor since 2007.  The change makes her UPC's permanent Pastor effective at her installation on June 21, 2009 during the 10am worship service.